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Enabled by the New Mexico Legislature

In 2000, the New Mexico Legislature created the Laboratory Partnership with Small Business Tax Credit Act for the purpose of "bringing the technology and expertise of the national laboratories to small businesses in New Mexico to promote economic development in the state, with an emphasis on rural areas." As a result, Sandia National Laboratories established the New Mexico Small Business Assistance Program to provide technical support to small businesses throughout the state. Los Alamos National Laboratory began participating in NMSBA in 2007. Jointly, the labs are committed to solving small businesses’ critical challenges with national laboratory expertise and resources; influencing New Mexico business development by building capacity, capabilities, and competencies; and acting as an advocate for small businesses through an entrepreneurial culture.  

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NMSBA Program Restrictions

To receive NMSBA assistance, you must be in good standing with and registered to do business in the State of New Mexico. Your company must have business operations in the state, and be a licensee in good standing or be an active participant in a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with Los Alamos or Sandia national laboratories.

  • NMSBA does not provide cash or equipment to the business
  • All work must begin and end within 12 months
  • Laboratories do not provide endorsement or certification
  • Laboratories cannot provide assistance involving THC or related byproducts including hemp


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About nmsba