Individual Projects

Individual Projects

During an individual project, the business, PI, and the Project manager create a statement of work that addresses the business’s challenges. Once the statement work is completed, the business signs the NMSBA terms of assistance, and project work begins. At the conclusion of the project, the business receives a final report. The business must also sign a Certificate of Services rendered and complete customer satisfaction and economic impact surveys.

Individual Projects Process

Step 1

The company requests assistance

Step 2

The company is interviewed to verify eligibility and outline the assistance needed

Step 3

The Principal Investigator (PI) is identified

Step 4

Collaborate to develop a statement of work

Step 5

Small business signs the standard agreement

Step 6

The PI begins work on the project

Step 7

Upon project completion, the company receives a final report

Step 8

The company verifies that work was completed and responds to surveys